GameMaker Workshop

22 Jun 2024 2:30PM to 6PM

Learn new skills from a pro!

Could this be the first workshop?

Andy Gleeson has 10+ years of experience using GameMaker and will be offering a workshop session to help teach devs new skills to help get their games done. This will also be great opportunity for fellow devs to show their progress!

This June workshop will include a lesson on saving/loading data - how to use JSON, best techniques and practices for production, as well some neat methods to make dev easier.

Intended for intermediate users - as long as you have used GameMaker before and know the basics, you should be able to have a good time!

This workshop will be Pay-What-You-Want, but donations are strongly encouraged to help facilitate more workshops in the future.

Where is Sabby?

Sabby is located at:
141 Victoria Parade, Collingwood.

You can get to Sabby via:

  • Tram: 12 and 109, Stop 16 - Wellington St (2 mins walk)
  • Train: Hurstbridge and Mernda lines, North Richmond Station (7 min walk)

(There is a 141 Victoria Parade in Fitzroy, but that is NOT Sabby! That's someone's house! Don't get it mixed up!)

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