PS2 Book Club

11 Jun 2024 7PM to 10PM

A book club for retro games !?

Ah, the Playstation 2. So many games, so few polygons, so much fun.

PS2 "Book" Club is a casual event where people come together to present PS2 games. Maybe they're an old favourite, or maybe there's just one forgotten thing about one that urgently needs to be talked about.

The event starts after Co-working.

Where is Sabby?

Sabby is located at:
141 Victoria Parade, Collingwood.

You can get to Sabby via:

  • Tram: 12 and 109, Stop 16 - Wellington St (2 mins walk)
  • Train: Hurstbridge and Mernda lines, North Richmond Station (7 min walk)

(There is a 141 Victoria Parade in Fitzroy, but that is NOT Sabby! That's someone's house! Don't get it mixed up!)

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